Giant Swan


Giant Swan have been something of a revelation to the worldwide dance music community, and so it is hoped, even assumed, that they will have a similar effect on us at IV20. We joyfully announce that the Bristol duo will be bringing their frenetic live set and personal energy to the Bookaar stage next year.

Giant Swan are most notably not students of dance music. And it is precisely this lack of reference and self-censorship that over exposure to an artform can cause, that makes their music so powerful and so sought out. To techno and live music performance both, they offer a new perspective unattainable to those deeply embedded in the canon.

Their music perfectly walks the line that many struggle with, between avant garde and familiar, and there are many other such distinctions that it occupies: dark but not negative, hard but not aggressive, energetic but contained—like that person jumping madly around a dancefloor who manages to never crash into other people.

Their ascendance through the multicultural punk-drone-noise-DIY-skateboarding-oriented scene of Bristol has bequeathed them sentiments that echo with our own Inner Varnika ethos. Giant Swan is a “statement that changes with each recipient, centred around tolerance, inclusion, self-sufficiency and trust.” Based on this we think we’ll all get along just fine.