Marcellus Pittman

[LIVE] (Unirhythm)

“Music is music” and “mixing is boring”. These two personal observations, learned by experience and spoken from the heart, would make the perfect prologue to a dummies guide to Marcellus Pittman, whom we welcome as our honoured guest for Inner Varnika 2020.

Dummies and scholars alike of the Detroit House fables will be familiar with the name, but in case you forgot, misplaced or overlooked him in the family tree, let’s step through it. Born in Detroit, lived there his whole life. Will never leave. Started DJing in the early 90s. Still DJing. Started producing, still doing that too. Has stepped onto a number of respected labels, including his own, Unirhythm. Best mates with Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite and Moodymann. They have this thing called Three Chairs, which involves playing a game of musical chairs and whoever isn’t sitting down is doing the DJing, generally to a crowd of thousands.

You’ve probably read that part a million times. What is very cool is Marcellus’ ability to make you do an aural double-take. Yes, it may be the same disco/house/jazz track you seem to remember but why does it sound so damn good when he plays it? Why haven’t you ever listened to it the way you are right now? Yes, music is music, as he says, but DJing is less about playing music and more about listening to it. Listening is an activity that can’t be accelerated and Marcellus has been listening for a long time. He’s been seasoning, marinating and stewing his ears in the rich heritage of Detroit spirit his whole life and the tasty product is something we will have the opportunity to savour next Easter.